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in 2▓007 and one of the most worrisome consequences in Ha▓iti is the possible return of the chole▓ra epidemic which has not been completely eradicated fr▓om the island since the 2010 earthquake.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFull text: National Human Righ▓ts Action Plan of China (2016-2020)Full text: National Human Rights Action Pl▓an of China (2016-2020)Full text: National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2016-2020)09-29-201▓6 15:18 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- The State Coun

cil Information Office of the People's Republic of China issued the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2016-2020) on Thursday.Following is the full text of the document.National Human Rights Action P▓lan of China

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Rights of Specific Groups 29(1) Rights of ethnic minorities 29(2) Rights of women 31(3) Rights of children 32(4) Rights of the elderly 34(5) Rights of the disabled 36IV. Human Rights Education and Research 39V. Fu

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lfi▓llment of Obligations to Human Righ

ts Conventions,and International Exchanges and Cooperation in the Fieldof Human Rights 41VI. Implementation ▓and Supervision 44IntroductionThe period from 2016 to 2020 is a decisive stage for China in the building

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2009. As the government constantly enhances the protection of human rights, the 

people's standard of living and quality of life have seen further improvement, their economic, social and cultural rights and interests have been strengthened, their c

ivil rights and polit▓ical rights have been guaranteed, the public'▓s consciousness of respecting and guaranteei▓ng human rights has enhanced significantly, inte▓rnational human rights exchanges

and coop▓eration have constantly developed, and the cause of socialist human rights with Chinese characteristics ▓has moved up

to a new level.Nevertheless, ▓we are keenly aware that problems, some of them se▓rious, remain. China's economic development pattern is still extensive, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustain

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till a huge gap between urban and rural development.

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